Introducing Liquid Glass Shield Polish

The Perfect Solution for Your Vehicles’ Bodywork Liquid Glass Shield are very proud to announce the introduction of our New, Liquid Glass Shield Polish. Formulated, specifically, to protect the bodywork of your vehicle, we know that you’re going to love the ease of application. The great thing about this all new formulation is that you […]


Thermal bridge: what it is and how to solve and eliminate it.

The thermal bridge is nothing more than a local area of ​​the thermal envelope, in which there is a discontinuity such that the flow of heat between the inside and the outside is different, almost always greater than the rest of the structures, consequently causing of Cold Points. The causes can be different, ranging from […]


Silicone Dioxide facts

People often ask us how safe Liquid Glass Shield is.  The chemical name for the main constituent of our product is Silicon Dioxide and the chemical symbol is SiO2 and it is, in fact, classified as a food additive.  Yes it’s true; Liquid Glass Shield is made from Silcion Dioxide and you do, indeed, find […]


How to better insulate your house without destroy it

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