An Introduction to Liquid Glass Shield Technology Protection

Liquid Glass Shield Technology coatings are invaluable to any individual or business that uses and is responsible for the upkeep/maintenance of electronic technology in all it’s many forms. The Technology formulation has been principally designed to protect internal and external surfaces by invisibly coating all metal, glass, composite and even printed circuit boards (PCB). The formulations give signifcant protection from UV, heat, abrasion, dirt, dust, organic matter and even harmful bacteria. A correctly applied application will last between 6 and 12 months dependent on use and operating conditions, in tests surfaces were found to visibly look better because they stayed cleaner and when tested for bacteria, results found that an unprotected device was 100,000 more likely to have harmful bugs and viruses on the surfaces handled most often.

All Liquid Glass Shield coatings are 100% natural, chemical-free, anti-corrosive, anti-stick and provide easy-clean surfaces. Liquid Glass Shield produces a superhydrophobic surface, which makes it perfect for all internal and external surfaces and protects from dirt, oil, organic matter, salt, harsh chemicals and UV.

Environmentally conscious – Human, animal and plant life friendly

Liquid Glass Shield naturally reduces the replication of bacteria and germs especially useful in medical and high dependency environments. But this simple and effective technology also protects the user of smart phones from potential sickness while keeping the device looking at its best. So, if you own, manage or work with technology take a look at the 2014 range of Liquid Glass Shield technology products and see how the future in protection can perform for you.


Liquid Glass can be applied to all multimedia surfaces.

Technology and Multimedia

  • Suitable for all traditional and ultra modern high-tech panels and digital displays.
  • Fully tested on all portable devices including mobile phones, tablet PC’s, digital cameras, Satellite Navigation units and mobile CCD camera systems.
  • Displays become sharper in appearance even in bright sunlight. Effective protection against UV discolouration and air pollution even on units mounted externally such as CCTV cameras.
  • Anti-bacterial properties keep surfaces cleaner, germ and bacteria resistant which reduces the transfer of harmful bugs, which can cause sickness.
  • Suitable for all medical equipment include analysis machines and portable monitoring equipment.
  • Treated surfaces help to become more abrasion resistant.
  • Optical lenses including laser-sighting units are protected from the ingress of moisture and dirt, especially in extreme operating environments.
  • Liquid Glass Shield coatings do not affect operating systems, buttons and electronic ports.

Metal components and fixings become corrosion resistant


Liquid Glass Shield™ protects all today’s devices, from touch screens to high-tech plastic, metal and glass. One easy application protects your device from dirt, oil, liquid and dust.

It also helps stop abrasion, fngerprints and reduces the appearance of small marks and scratches.

Compatible and tested with all:

  • Mobile phones.
  • Televisions and monitors.
  • Tablets and e-book readers.
  • Laptop and desktop computers.
  • Cameras.
  • Video game consoles.
  • Sat-nav systems.
  • Glasses and sunglasses and much more.

So, if you own, manage or work in the Technology and Multimedia profession, take a look at our range of Liquid Glass Shield marine products and see how much easier general maintenance, appearance and cleaning can be. With one simple application, glass and components stay cleaner for much longer and when they do need cleaning you need no solvents or detergent, just water – salt and dirt simply wash away.

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  • Easy clean
  • Save Time
  • Have less efforts
  • Save on maintenance costs
  • Scratch protection

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