Introducing Liquid Glass Shield Polish

The Perfect Solution for Your Vehicles’ Bodywork

Liquid Glass Shield are very proud to announce the introduction of our New, Liquid Glass Shield Polish. Formulated, specifically, to protect the bodywork of your vehicle, we know that you’re going to love the ease of application.

The great thing about this all new formulation is that you apply it in the same way as a traditional car polish.  You apply an amount to a microfibre cloth, wipe it on to the bodywork and make sure that you coat evenly.  You’ll see a residue that’s left on the bodywork and so, using a clean microfibre cloth, you simply buff this off to leave a fantastic shine.

The best news is that the Liquid Glass Shield Polish ensures that the protective coating is evenly applied over the bodywork.

Obviously, you need to follow a methodical process to cover the whole vehicle but you’ll be left with a whole host of fabulous benefits;

You’ll get a reduction in the build up of dirt on your vehicle – You won’t need to clean it as often.

Your vehicle will be far easier to clean when it is dirty – In fact, when it rains, you’ll notice a ‘self-cleaning’ effect. But when it does need cleaning, you’ll be able to to do so with little effort and minimal, if any, detergent.  Try it with just warm water and a cloth.  You’ll be very surprised.

You get that fantastic ‘Just waxed’ look – Every time you wash your car!  (Just re-treat, periodically, with Liquid Glass Shield Polish)

Protect the paintwork and lacquer on your vehicle – Bird droppings won’t ‘eat in to’ the lacquer or paintwork – and you can remove them, so easily (they often, simply, wash away in the rain).

The protective coating will reduce the incidence of light abrasions in the paintwork/lacquer – Helping to keep your vehicles’ paintwork in tip-top condition.

In addition to this, the Liquid Glass Shield Polish formulation has been made with a light cutting compound, so, you will also notice a reduction in hairline abrasions in the paintwork.

Applying Liquid Glass Shield Polish

See just how easy it is to apply Liquid Glass Shield Polish in the following video:

Why Liquid Glass Shield Polish?

Vehicles tend to get treated with Liquid Glass Shield in the open air and one of the slight challenges with our standard Hard Surface Formulation is that it evaporate very quickly in the open air.

If you’re not careful with the application, this could result in the protective coating being a little uneven.  Whilst this isn’t noticeable, visibly, the protective qualities could be variable across the bodywork of the car.

With Liquid Glass Shield Polish, you simply get a beautifully even protective coating that allows you to benefit from all of the benefits that Liquid Glass Shield has to offer. Click here to buy your Liquid Glass Shield Polish, now.

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