An Introduction to Liquid Glass Shield Buildings Protection

The Facility Management reach another level of efficiency

Liquid Glass Shield building protection coatings are invaluable to any individual or businesses that use and are responsible for the upkeep/maintenance of buildings in all forms. The building maintenance formulations have been principally designed to protect internal and external surfaces by invisibly coating all timber, metal, glass, composite, concrete, moisture ingress, fabrics and stone.

The formulations give signifcant protection from UV, heat, abrasion, dirt, organic matter and even graffti.

A major beneft of Liquid Glass Shield building maintenance applications is the ease of cleaning, as absolutely no chemicals or solvents are required even on high traffc areas and exposed external surfaces. Plain water with a sponge or squeegee is enough to cleanse all surfaces.

A correctly applied application will last between 12 and 120 months dependent on use and climate conditions, in tests surfaces were found to visibly look better and damage from UV on various substrates was vastly reduced even in high wear/abrasive situations.



Liquid Glass can be applied to all surfaces:


  • Suitable for all traditional and modern building materials even suitable ultra modern high-tech panels and digital displays.
  • Exterior surfaces, glass and stone now have super-hydrophobic properties; surfaces demonstrate “self-cleaning” properties.
  • Canopies and covering protection against UV discolouration and air pollution.
  • Anti-bacterial properties keep surfaces cleaner, germ and bacteria resistant which reduces odours and mould even in recesses and hard to reach areas.
  • Carpets and soft furnishings become stain resistant even from red wine, beer and blackcurrant juice.
  • Showers, WC’s become a dream to clean and always sparkle.
  • Coating kitchens and food preparation areas keeps everything bright, clean and hygienic.
  • Exteriors keep clean, graffti and vandalism management systems.
  • Maintains anti-slip surfaces and aids faster surface drying times.
  • Metal components and fxings become corrosion resistant.
  • Mould and algae resistant surfaces due to the in-built anti-bacterial properties of the Liquid Glass coating.

So, if you own, manage or work in the building maintenance industry take a look at our range of Liquid Glass Shield building maintenance products and see how much easier general maintenance, appearance and cleaning can be. With one simple application, interior and exterior surfaces stay cleaner for much longer and when they do need cleaning you need no solvents or detergent, just water – dirt and grime just wash away. Once cleaned, the building will keep that clean, season after season.

Inside, carpets and upholstery that have been treated with Liquid Glass Shield become amazingly resistant to soiling and staining.

Dirt or liquids spilled on the carpet simply sit on the surface of the carpet, allowing you to wipe it away with a cloth and leaving no mark or stain.

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