LGS Friction Free (LGS FF)

Long-Term Engine Protection & Friction Reduction

LGS FF is a sophisticated nanotechnology liquid able to protect metal surfaces from abrasion and mechanical wear. Designed to significantly reduce friction in all petrol and diesel engines, LGS FF is able to lower wear rates even in extreme operating conditions both in high and low temperatures.

With higher performance than fully synthetic motor oils, LGS FF is proved to be the choice of the professional looking for increased protection, lower emissions and even improved fuel consumption.

In recent independent tests, diesel and petrol engines were not only quieter after a treatment of LGS FF but also ran cooler than untreated engines.

The team who conducted the tests commented, “A reduction in sounds levels was detected soon after the additive was injected into the test engines, less mechanical noise can only be attributed to smoother operation and reduced friction between operating surfaces”.

LGS FF has been designed as a simple “one-shot” additive that is added to the engine oil and will last in excess of 20,000 Miles / 32,000 KM). The additive has been developed not only to protect vehicle engines but also marine and industrial power units including generators.


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