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Nano Technology is the future and, if you would like to share in our vision to take the amazing benefits that Nano Technology has to offer and make them accessible to everyone, then there are a couple of Distribution Opportunities that will allow you to get involved.

Nanoside is now offering a unique opportunity to partner with us as either an International Importer, or a Premium Distributor, in various geographic locations throughout the world.

The options are open to existing businesses that would like to be a part of the interesting, and lucrative, Nano Technology industry. We’ve taken our proven product portfolio and developed a regional based Distribution Model that could be used as the basis for an “easy” start business or provide a profitable add-on to an existing business/company, allowing for fast access to advanced surface protection technology and new evolving markets.

We supply a varied product portfolio aimed at solving a wide range of Ultra-thin insulation system for boulding and surface protection challenges. We supply a range of formulations, designed for specific purposes, which can be used to insulate and protect both hard and soft surfaces in almost any environment.

With uses as diverse as supplying carpet manufactures and suppliers with a 100% natural stain resistant coating to the Bacteriostatic protection of food preparation surfaces in restaurants and hotels, the applications for our products and, consequently, the associated opportunities are enormous.

The range of Nano Coatings is designed to work across many industries and markets including automotive, marine and aeronautical. In fact, almost everything that is manufactured, grown or produced can benefit from a protective Nano Coating.  The market is so vast that as a business we are only just starting to see how our products are being used by industry and new users of the technology.

And that’s not the end of it.  We’re perfectly positioned to bring more Nano Technology products to market and you could be a part of the Distribution Network that we’re creating through which our other products will be fed.

Here at Nanoside we require local/regional representation, which will not only help service new and existing national contracts but also enable local companies and businesses to benefit from the most advanced surface protection technology available.

Our primary focus is on helping our Distributors. After all, we’re only successful, if they are.

If you’d like to know more about the opportunities available with Nanoside, either call us using the numbers on the form, below, or complete and send the form to us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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