The leading platform for the distribution of Nanotechnology worldwide

Building, Industry, Facility Management, Automotive, Marine, Medical surface protection

Nanoside Ltd. Is a company committed in research, development and distribution of Nanotechnological products.

We collaborate with companies all over the world that produce nanotechnologies for construction, industry, automotive and nautical. We test and certify our products thanks to direct cooperation with universities and research institutes, as well as private laboratories.

We have a quality control system carried out directly by our site technicians, who make sure that our products are applied in the best possible way, we also have a team of qualified and certified installation professionals.

Through our international network of qualified distributors, we bring our products every day to the end user, who benefits from these innovative technologies to improve their lives.

We pay particular attention to respect for the environment and the impact that new technologies have on people’s lives. We believe in corporate social responsibility and we are committed to community support projects.


To be a leading company in the scouting and distribution of nanotechnology products for construction, industry, automotive and nautical, paying particular attention to the positive impact of these technologies on the community, the environment and social well-being.


Imagine a thriving company that invests resources to improve itself, the condition of employees and those of the environment, helping to reduce CO2 emissions and to facilitate the livingness of people.

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  • Save energy
  • Save on maintenance costs
  • Avoid and / or solve disinfection problems
  • Avoid and / or solve condensation problems
  • Increase comfort
  • Make the walls breathable and thermal protetcted
  • Take advantage of dedicated tax deductions
  • Become a Distributor

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